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The TFMC Way


We lead by the implementation of an aligned, integrated FM and property strategy in support of a client's  core business, to optimise a wide range of value-for-money multi-disciplinary services and assets at a level of consistent excellence. Through leadership direction and a diversity of skills, we will deliver tangible, quantifiable benefits, and reach a pre-eminent place of distinction with our clients - at the forefront of success.

We subscribe to a code of values, the values of Respect, Integrity, Trust, Consideration and Honesty, on which we base our business. All TFMC employees are expected to make sure that their actions live up to these RITCH values.

Our Vision is:

To be the service provider of choice, be known and respected for our ability to always deliver exceptional value through service excellence. To become a partner to our customers by creating a unique offering and delivery of integrated solutions, supported by a culture of enthusiastically committed employees.

The TFMC Way is that by winning through the leadership direction of our people, a diversity of skills and the delivery of excellence, we make customer satisfaction a reality, and thereby secure our long-time future as a responsible corporate citizen, and a player of distinction in the global market-place.

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 Environmental Management Policy


CredentialsOperating at all Levels in the FM market

TFMC is Africa's  leading supplier of total integrated strategic solutions. We have extensive experience in the telecom's  environment and strong international ties with the facilities management industry. TFMC's particular focus has been on the telecommunications industry, and we provide our solutions to a number of high profile clients. Our mission is to join our clients in partnership to enhance your business activities by freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on core business activities. We also strive to ensure that your non-core activities and facilities add value to your core business operation. 

To achieve this we have differentiated ourselves from other FM service providers by operating at all levels within the FM market, from strategy, through management, to operational process. We are therefore able to respond to our client's  strategic needs whilst delivering quality services that satisfy those needs. All too often focus is on operational process, and as a result service delivery fails to meet strategic need. This results in wasted cost and poor quality service. We make sure this never happens. TFMC has the backing of and is a major operating division within Mvelaserve Limited, one of  South Africa’s leading black-empowered organisations that employs in excess of 30,000 people in its support service divisions, and is an investment holding company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in the Industrial Services sector.

The company was formed in the year 2000 as a joint venture with Atkins, one of Western Europe's  leading engineering and facilities management organisations. This joint venture's  purpose was to facilitate the outsourcing of the infrastructure management group within Telkom South Africa and embed international best practice into the new company.

This contract created TFMC as we are today, and included:

  • The transfer of more than 1,900 members of Telkom's  staff.
  • A 10-year contracting period.
  • An output-based partnering relationship.
  • Total, integrated Facilities Management, inclusive of:
    • Property Management
    • Project Management
    • Integrated Facilities Management
    • Technical Services Delivery

TFMC now has an annual turnover in the order of R2 billion and continues to provide strong, cash-backed, year-on-year results.

  • National footprint via 32 regional offices
  • Managing more than 15 000 diversified properties

Our HistoryTFMC was founded in 2000, as a joint venture with Atkins, one of Western Europe's leading engineering and FM organisations. The purpose of the joint venture was to facilitate the outsourcing of the infrastructure management group within a major organisation, and embed international best practice into the new company. The ground-breaking FMS Agreement (which complied with best practice in the UK) was signed in July, 2000, for a period of 10 years. At the heart of the Agreement was the principle that the client should never be disadvantaged. Cost-saving was a key issue, although benefits were envisioned not only in that area alone, but also in increased operating efficiency, as well as non-quantifiable benefits such as market rating.

The comprehensive legal document defined the basis of the partnership between the client and TFMC. It detailed the scope of the service TFMC was to supply, with a base line that ensured TFMC's  performance at a level higher than that achieved by the client in the 12 months preceding the signing of the Agreement.

Initially, there were some doubts that outsourcing could deliver all it promised, and a perception that it could, in fact, be more costly. TFMC proved the skeptics wrong. There were two financial targets that TFMC had to reach: the first was based on guaranteed savings in the first three years of the Agreement, the second, based on TFMC's achieving the agreed annual budget. TFMC was contracted to achieve savings of a minimum of 12.25% by the end of March, 2004, measured against the baseline. In fact, it delivered more than double the required 12.25%, with savings of 25.72%, with continuous improvement year-on-year realizing additional value for money, as well as savings. 

The initial 10-year contract (valued at R10.5 billion) included all maintenance and repair services, real estate management, maintenance of masts and towers, and an uninterrupted power supply - directly affecting the client's  core business. Service provisioning has grown over the years to where it is currently supplying an all-encompassing and integrated facility management service.

Service provision within TFMC is structured to deliver an integrated service platform from strategic development through management, to the actual service delivery process. At the same time, TFMC incorporates all the elements of service provision, including design, project management, real estate, maintenance planning and execution, soft services, safety, health, environmental, risk and quality services as well as all the supporting processes for optimal life-cycle management of the client's assets. Our major partner benefits by us operating this way because we align service delivery with our major client's core business output requirement, thus reducing costs, risks and improving service quality. Not only can we guarantee that the client is never disadvantaged, but we are also able to enhance its core business product through our involvement.

While our commitment to our major client is absolute, TFMC has developed its capabilities over the years, allowing it to provide facilities management solutions for other clients (see Case Studies) and business aspirations, strategies and initiatives which are geared towards the commercial benefits of multi-client status.

It is with pride that we carry our ISO three-system certification as proof of our commitment towards safety, quality and the environment.


The Company Leadership

The Company Leadership




Leadership direction begins at the very top, and we are fortunate to have a Board of Directors of high repute, with a diversity of skills and business experience, resulting in a directorate of distinction. 

TFMC Group Exco is comprised of the following members who support the TFMC Board: 

  • Bruce Spence: Chief Executive Officer
  • Nicky Groeneveld: Chief Financial Officer
  • Akona Ngcuka: Chief Operations Officer 
  • Aninka Wessels: Chief Human Capital
  • Rob Redaelli: Chief Information Officer
  • Cornelius van der Merwe: Chief Operations Officer
  • Derek Jack: Chief Strategic Outsourcing
  • Andy Tondi: Managing Executive: Property Solutions
  • *John Taylor: Chairperson
  • *Bina Gosai
  • *Molly Gallant

*Non-Executive Directors

Bruce SpenceBruce Spence - CEO

Bruce has spent 22 years as a business Executive, gaining vast Board management and executive leadership experience. His top-level career over the years encompasses strategic management, financial and operational performance, business development, competitive analysis and corporate governance. Bruce's  experience in a variety of business applications such as construction, petrochemical, mining, engineering and banking industries, has enabled him to develop extensive negotiation and contract expertise, and strong leadership communication and motivational abilities.

His management style is participative and progressive, and in line with being a strategic thinker, Bruce is an adept problem-solver and decision maker. He left his position as Managing Director of Provicom Electronics, a Bidvest Subsidiary, to take up the post as TFMC's CEO on 1 April 2010.

Nicky GroeneveldNicky Groeneveld - CFO

Nicky Groeneveld is a Chartered Accountant, and joined TFMC as Financial Director in December, 2002, with responsibility for the full financial function of the financial department, with a staff of 70 employees. Prior to TFMC, she worked in financial management positions in Telkom and Comparex Africa, where she gained significant experience in budgeting, accounting practices, and management reporting, rising to the position of Senior Financial Manager: Business Applications.